Interdisciplinary panel to question notions of identity and values

Congratulations to CEPA colleagues whose colloquium proposal ‘Can national identity ever have fundamental values?’ has been accepted at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in Illinois next year. The interdisciplinary colloquium will feature contributions from 6 colleagues (Andrea Bullivant, Alan Hodkinson, Ella Houston, Asli Kandemir, Joseph Maslen and Zaki Nahaboo) who will discuss historical, philosophical, political, and educational aspects of national identity and its translation into curricular and educational arenas.


New project: discourses of character education

Dr Konstanze Spohrer from the Sociology of Education team recently met with Prof Jessica Ringrose and Dr Patrick Bailey from the Institute of Education, University College London, to discuss a research project on character education in UK schools. The background of the project is the renewed attention character education has attracted from policy makers, non-governmental organisations, and research in the UK and internationally. In England, the government launched a character education grant scheme in 2015 and has set out further plans to promote character development in schools in its 2016 White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere.

The planned project aims to examine how character education is understood and put into practice in schools in different regions of the UK. Of particular interest will be how policies and discourses on character inform local practice and shape the identities of young people from a range of gender, ethnic, and social class backgrounds.

Post-critical pedagogy: manifesto launch

manifesto-launchThe new Liverpool Hope Philosophy of Education team (Naomi Hodgson, JorisVlieghe and Piotr Zamojski) recently presented a research program in the form of a Manifesto for a Post-Critical Pedagogy.

This well attended CEPA seminar included an invited keynote from Professor Tyson Lewis (University of North Texas) who provided a response to this manifesto. There were also shorter replies from Olga Ververi (LHU) and Geert Thyssen (LJMU).

You can read the manifesto download-manifesto-for-a-postcritical-pedagogy.